Effecting change means taking actions that transform reality. Today, we are engaged in pursuing a global technical upgrade program, implementing large-scale industrial transformations that are part of a broader set of goals defining our vision of the future. Magnezit Group’s development is rooted in the idea of creative interaction across all areas of human life.
It is our role and responsibility to foster a complete environment for personal fulfillment. We see our industrial, technological, social and cultural initiatives as parts of the multidimensional interaction between people and the world, and we strive to bring more harmony into this interaction.

Sergey Odegov

Magnezit Group CEO

for development

We work with one of the key sources of industrial development.

for creation

To be a leader nowadays, it is not enough just to set goals and achieve them.

for the future

Technological excellence cannot be attained without scientific progress — and yet it is not the only prerequisite.